Dylan - Go Grey in May Day 20

Dylan - Go Grey in May Day 20
My names Candice and my partner name is Dylan we are both 26 and it all started when we were 23 In feb 2019 my partner underwent brain surgery while I was 8 months pregnant with our daughter after such a whirlwind. In 2018 he was coming home from work ( worked as a landscaper at the time) complaining of headaches and we both just shrugged it off from working to hard and not eating or drinking enough water. After having a seizure and other symptoms and getting shrugged off by doctors it finally came to the point one day after my 30 week scan he went fully numb on the left side of his body from head to toe. Thinking he just needed a rest a couple days went by me going off to work and coming home and him looking sicker and sicker to me finally putting my foot down and taking him to emergency on a Saturday night.
To then being told he was being transferred to Charlie gardnier which is a main hospital in Perth because something was concerning about the scan they had done. Going in on the Sunday and being in icu and being told he was having surgery Monday morning everything was a blur and happening so fast and still not knowing it was grade 4 gbm.

We were so lucky that he got surgery so quickly and so thankful they were able to remove 98% of the tumor. Then a week or two later after the tumor had been sent for results to the lab we got told no news a 23 year old wants to hear for his new family about to be and pregnant girlfriend that it was stage 4 gbm located in the left frontal lobe. We kept pushing and fighting and still after being positive and heading into the next phase of treatment being told once again “

there’s no point doing treatment because it’s just going to come back anyway” and being told he probably wouldn’t make it to the birth of our daughter which I was then 35 weeks pregnant. After undergoing surgery , radiation and nearly a whole year worth of treatment he finally got to have a break after our daughters first birthday it was the best feeling. After a long 9 months ( well in brain cancer world ) we got the news that it has returned and there is also another 2 so three altogether we were shattered. Our daughter if now two and He is about to start chemo again and praying it works as we got told he probably wouldn’t be able to have surgery again due to we’re they are located. We will never stop fighting for our family for his daughter and for the Brian cancer community it touched our hearts and we will continue to fight for each and everyone it has affected 💜

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