Hello Fellow Cookie Clanner

In July 2020 a large mass was found on my hubby's & daddy to our beautiful children's brain.

In October 2020 Cookie was diagnosed with Stage 4 Glioblastoma

On the 6th November 2020 he lost his fight with this horrible disease that still has no cure.

My mission since Cookie passed has been to try raise as much awareness as possible. Since starting thecookieclan clothing its grown into stocking some beautiful brands which you can shop online or instore.

someone i love needed a cure

Located at 51-53 Corangamite Street Colac Victoria 3250

  • About Us

    Widowed at 25 with 3 kids 5 and under Chloe has now undergone the first 12 months without her Hubby Cookie after he passed away from Stage 4 Glioblastoma GBM in November 2020. Her mission ever since has been to raise as much awareness as possible as well as honoring Cookie.

  • Our Store

    In June 2021 The Cookie Clan and Lash Bar Colac was opened. Bringing a new shop front to the town of Colac and Chloe returning to work in not only the retail industry but also back servicing her clients doing Eyelash and Beauty Treatments.

    The shop is located at 51-53 Corangamite Street Colac Victoria Australia.

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  • Brain Cancer Signs and Symptoms

    In the months leading up to finding the mass on his brain, he'd been having troubles with his eyes, extremely fatigued, finding he was a lot slower with work and he had quiet a loss in appetite.

    - Eye problems including swelling on eyelids

    - Fatigued he'd have 12 hours sleep and still be so tired 

    - Slower with his work  

    - Food intake was much much less

    Brain Cancer Signs and Symptoms