Cookies Brain Cancer Journey



30th JULY 2020

On Tuesday 28th July our family had devastating news that Peter (Cookie) has a Brain Tumour. Peter is 29 years old has a wife Chloe and three beautiful children Ava, 4, Chaz 2 and Reed 12 months old.   

Cookie is the bloke that would give you the shirt off his back if he thought it would help you. His always there to lend a hand if needed but would never ask for anything in return. 

Cookie has had his first surgery Thursday and will need extensive treatment. 

6 OCTOBER 2020

Yesterday we met with Cookies Neuro Team and received the news you never want to hear.....

Cookie has stage 4 GBM (Glioblastoma) in other words CANCER.

They’ve given him 15 months
16 OCTOBER 2020

Today we met with Cookies Radio Oncology team again. This time it was for his mask to be made & just general appointment stuff.

I’ve never met a person as strong as you. STRONG is an understatement. I’m just the lucky one that gets to call you my hubby.

4th November will be his first treatment- 5 days a week, for 6 weeks, we know it’s going to be a long hard journey but babe we are all behind you. 


Cookie passed away after a courageous battle.
Our vision was to bring more awareness and raise as much needed funds to go towards treatment options and life expectancy 

In loving memory of Peter Cookie Cook  

Loved husband of Chloe. Adored and loving daddy to Ava, Chaz & Reed

Forever #29