Cookie - Go Grey in May Day 9

Cookie - Go Grey in May Day 9

Each day in conjunction with Go Grey for May, I’m sharing incredible stories of our community of Brain Cancer Warriors. Buy a T shirt, Beanie or wear an old grey t shirt to support the movement around Brain Cancer. 

Well this ones going to be a hard one.

But honouring my man on my birthday. And my gosh I miss you more then ever. 

COOKIE (Peter) Cook born 25th March 1991 and passed 6th November 2020 after a short 3 month battle with stage 4 GBM, located in the Thalamus. I’ve shared Cookies battle many times in hopes that it raises awareness for people to go get checked. Who even at the age 29 thinks that something like this would kill you. 

Cookie faught a an unthinkable battle during the shittest time of Covid 19. Diagnosed in late July 2020 to receiving his first emergency surgery operation without being able to be by his side or hold his hand because mid pandemic - to losing him only 104 days later. 

You’ve left behind so many hopes dreams and a fuk load of love. Our kids are growing up, Reeds starting to talk and whenever I look at him he looks back with this smile and all I see is you. I am really struggling to write this, even 6 months on it hurts more then ever....... every little thing, you’re missing out on. 

I hope you’re having a bloody blast up there while I’m down here trying my hardest to help even get that little bit closer to a cure. Have a beer or ten I’ll cheers to you tonight. 

Forever loving you more. 

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Beautifully written Chloe. Happy Birthday and Mothers Day. Cookie would be smiling ear to ear seeing how amazing you are doing not only for your kiddies but for Brain Cancer.


Cookie would be super proud of you Chloe, and always with you and your beautiful children 🥰 Happy birthday xx


Happy Birthday, you are one Strong & Amazing woman Chloe. Cookie would be so bloody proud of you!! ♡

Krystal S

You’re so Fucken wonderful and brave. 💕


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