Taylor - Go Grey in May Day 18

Taylor - Go Grey in May Day 18

Each day in conjunction with Go Grey for May, I’m sharing incredible stories of our community of Brain Cancer Warriors. Buy a T shirt, Beanie or wear an old grey t shirt to support the movement around Brain Cancer. 

Taylor Louise Bassett
09/03/96 - 21/10/2004
8 1/2 years old

Our eldest daughter
She has younger sister and a brother that she missed meeting by 5 months

Diagnosis Craniopharangioma

Diagnosed at 2 1/2 years old
Over 6 years - 3 surgeries ( two travelling interstate to Dr Teo) and radiotherapy .

At the time of losing her she was tumour free but the result of all the “treatment” left her vulnerable to illness and we lost her to a viral infection too much for her heart to handle.

Be your loved ones biggest advocate in the medical world ... fight for answers and treatment that may be hard to obtain.

Love and miss her still every day .

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Thankyou Chloe x

Bronwyn Bassett

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