Owen - Go Grey in May Day 4

Owen - Go Grey in May Day 4

Each day in conjunction with Go Grey for May, I’m sharing incredible stories of our community of Brain Cancer Warriors. Buy a T shirt, Beanie or wear an old grey t shirt to support the movement around Brain Cancer. 

Owen Copland
20 yrs (he’s 21 on 13th May)
DOB: 13/05/2000

Started off left temporal lobe - spread to parietal lobe, now brain stem too / half brain apparently full of tumour! 💔

Diagnosed 6th November 2020! 10th November his craniotomy !

Owen is the baby of 3 - brother & sister names - John & Jane
Mum - Gill, dad - Peter!

Message - Owen, we love you so so much! #KeepGoinOwen

There needs to be more research into the treatment of GBM & also the care of patients along the way!

A message from Owen “it is what it is - let’s deal with it” & “no time for crying, as it’s less time for being happy”

There needs to be sensitive training for staff dealing with this monster of a cancer! 🧠

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Keep up the fight Owen!


Keep on keeping on 💪🏼


Keep fighting Owen x


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