Michael - Go Grey in May Day 24

Michael Potts born Jan 19 th 1963 died 7th Oct 2017. Diagnosed May 2014 but big personality changes and moods for at least 2 years prior. Married and our son was10 when Michael died.we had terrible time particularly in final year. Michael also chose not to know prognosis to focus solely on treatment . I knew everything though . Then during those 3 and 3/4 years ..I managed I organised etc but I didn't feel . We did not discuss it . There were no sunset moments. He also was in agony until they gave him enough morphine in the few hours as he was dying . Then after no one to help...there should be a person you can hire to do all the stuff paperwork sorting things for you. I was lost. And in shock for a very long time . Then in increments terrible grief guilt the list goes on . Michaels initial tumour was 7.5 cm in all directions top left above speech. Caused terrible headaches in the 2 weeks before diagnosis. Removed after a bungle at hosp where he was left in a side room off AandE and forgotten about..he lost his sight and hand movements before someone found him on floor and started steroids which fixed all that and they removed tumour. Then chemo radiation as standard . All of 2015 clear...I wish we had known to travel and to make wonderful memories that year but we just worked etc . Regret to 2 cm may 2016 ..Then chemo
Grew in jan 2017 to 5 cm in 2 weeks so removed it and chemo and radio again . August tried hyperthermia treatment but he could not tolerate it . Also tried Avastin and canabis oil
. His first seizure was 220th sep and ambulance to hospital . A week later transferred hospice.

We were together 26 and a half years . It seems this foull disease does such terrible damage to tge carers and survivors . The haunting images of those final weeks and the trauma of his death. It is supposed to be rare but it does not seem like it. Michael was computer programmer tgru 90s . Sat with computer box by let all time . 2003 cancer in leg chondosarcoma removed and regret 3 times finally radiation in 2005 . Weirdly this cancer regreew in 2015 and was removed ..they said having radiation and chemo could do this
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