David - Go Grey in May Day 14

David - Go Grey in May Day 14

Each day in conjunction with Go Grey for May, I’m sharing incredible stories of our community of Brain Cancer Warriors. Buy a T shirt, Beanie or wear an old grey t shirt to support the movement around Brain Cancer. 

David Edwards
50 years young.
born 05/01/1966
Passed away 20/04/2016
Gbm frontal lobe tumor is what took him away from us.
He battled a hard fight from Oct
2012 when it was stage three non aggressive treatable frontal lobe brain tumor. Surgery to remove the tumor. Then infection was found in his skull and a further two surgery’s to remove and replace his skull he was on the mend so it would seem.
A fall found he had Stage four aggressive GBM. Which led to surgery to remove in 2015. Unfortunately he was never the same after that surgery and passed away nine months later.
There needs to be more done for this horrible Devastating cancer it takes so many people that are loved away from their family and friends. No symptom should be ignored. Talk
To your doctor. Push for tests. Dave’s started out with constant headaches. It was his amazing GP who pushed him for testing.

He left behind his beautiful wife. He was an amazing step father to my brother and I. He was a police officer and a loving husband and dad. He missed out on meeting his grandson and so many memories. (I got to see my baby on the scan for the first time a year to the day he passed away)

We miss you dearly dave edwards.
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