Some of us get to say goodbye and others don’t. We were able to have some precious time with cookie before he passed and although it happened so fast I didn’t think we’d be able to get all the precious keepsakes. I know a lot of you have asked and these were the things I came across or we were very kindly gifted.
I think that any of these would make the perfect gift for any occasion and I will make sure that I update these things as time goes on for the kids and I.  

Linden Cook 

Before cookie was placed into palliative care we had the amazing Linden Cook make contact about wanting to gift us with some finger print jewellery. I have to admit I did put this off for a week or so and then when cookie was moved into palliative care I took it in on the first day with the kids and we made it work.

These amazing pieces arrived finished just before Christmas and I am absolutely so grateful that the kids will have these for all the years to come. The boys rings are the same size as Cookies ring finger before he passed.

My Little Keepsake 

When we were pregnant with Ava we went to the pbcexpo where we came across this beautiful little stall that captured the kids hand and footprints on inkless special paper. Cookie was absolutely so drawn to it and we brought an inkless print kit to pop in our hospital bag.

All 3 kids had frames made from their newborn hand and foot prints and when Vicki contacted me saying that she could make a family one of our hands I cried.

The kit only just arrived in time and the funeral home was able to do his hand prints for us. So so soooo grateful. 

I now stock the inkless print kits in the shop. They have been one of the most amazing things for not just end of life but capturing your baby’s prints as a newborn.

My Teddy 

Now this was something we’d ordered before Cookie passed. He helped choose the kids teddys and I would of loved for him to see them.

They arrived the day of his funeral and the kids have slept with them every night since. A few days ago I added the voice recording boxes which I am so so grateful that cookie wanted to record his voice saying ‘Daddy loves you Ava/Chaz/Reed’
I absolutely love how versatile this keepsake is  you can change and add whatever you like whenever you like. It’s the perfect keepsake.
Shop Perlplex 

 Namely Co  
Cookie used his personalised blanket from the minute he got it. It stayed with him until after he passed away. Making the decision on whether to let it go with him or keep it. I decided to keep it for the kids. It’s now lost his smell and that breaks my heart but I’m so grateful to have all the memories that come with this beautiful blanket.

Wish You Were Here Dolls 
Another amazing keepsake for the kids. Something they take to bed with them every night. Great not just for loved ones that have died but loved ones working away, family that live away ect…


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