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Why Do Babies Go to Heaven?

Why Do Babies Go to Heaven?

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This book was inspired by the stillbirth of my son Addison James Maxwell born September 18, 1998. The journey of grief has been long and difficult. Through out my days of coping I had met many parents who were also dealing with a miscarriage or a stillbirth. They, however, had juvenile children and no easy way to explain what happened to the baby. This book is a tool or guide for bereaved parents to help them explain to juvenile siblings in an inspirational way what happened to baby. This book will share the excitement the sibling(s) has for his/her new brother(s) or sister(s). It will give a simple reason what happened to baby and share some of the events that take place when a baby is born still. At the end of the story, the question all coping children ask their parents is answered in an inspirational and simple way. This book will ease bereaved parents minds, and provide a juvenile child with an answer and a special Guardian Angel.

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