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The Cookie Clan

The Keepsake Cause Adults Box

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1 x Inkless Print Kit 

Inkless print kit is the best way to make handprints for everyone off all ages. No ink, No Fuss! Just wipe hand or foot with the safe wipe & gently press on the special paper.
Watch as the detailed prints magically appear. The most beautiful keepsake in remembering how your loved ones fine fingerprint lines and hands look/ed.

1 x Grief Journal 

Grief - a guided journal has been created by Jo Betz for those wishing to explore their grief through writing, after the death of a loved one.

Whether your loss was six months ago, or six years, this journal is a safe space to journal on a variety of topics. From the stages of grief, connection and anger, to loneliness, gratitude, regret and more - guided writing prompts are provided every step of the way.

Through the proven therapeutic benefits of writing, this journal will allow you to self-explore, heal and improve wellbeing. This journal can also be a gift to people who you know are grieving. In a time when you want to help and don’t know how, this can help. They may not open this journal for a year, that’s okay, simply pop it on their shelf, and they can get to it when ready.

1 x Nod Off 

Nod Off is created from cold pressed pure essential oils. This blend is used for calming the mind and relaxation. We used this in the palliative care room for Cookie and then I continued to diffuse at home still to this day.
Oil Burner - Diffuse 5 to 6 drops in water.
Bath - Mix 4 to 6 drops with milk and add to bath water. The milk will help the essential oil to dissolve and disperse.
Massage - Blend 2 drops with a strawberry sized amount of Green Juice balm.
Do not ingest or apply directly to the skin. Not suitable for bathing or massage during pregnancy.

1 x Heart Recording Box 

Record up to 30 seconds at the click of a button. Compact enough to be placed into a stuffed toy or carry around in your pocket.