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The Cookie Clan

Reed Diffuser

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Our Luxury Reed Diffusers release the scent softly and slowly through the natural reeds to create a comfortable ambience just like a candle or melt burner- without the upkeep.

Our stunning Reed Diffuser comes with 10 white reed sticks.

Each diffuser contains 140mL

Reed Diffuser Care-
Position is important! Place your diffuser in a location where air circulates. This ensures the scent is carried around your chosen room. If the scent begins to become less noticeable, it may be time to turn the reeds over. Avoid any spills when doing this. Keep away from direct sunlight, this can cause discolouration of the reed liquid & can cause the oils to evaporate too quickly.
Avoid handling the oils with your hands, if oil becomes in contact with skin, wash affected area immediately.