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Bobo & Boo Divider Plate (Plant-Based) - Yellow

Bobo & Boo Divider Plate (Plant-Based) - Yellow

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A Japanese-inspired classic green-imagined, the beloved Bobo&boo Bento-style divided plates are now available in their iconic plant-based range! 


With the same classic layout of the OG Bobo&boo bamboo design that you know and love, the plant-based divided plates are dishwasher AND microwave safe, biodegradable AND compostable, stylish AND kid-friendly. Hooray!

Ideal for fussy eaters, serving deconstructed meals for children with mixed texture/sensory issues, encouraging little ones to try new foods, or even good ol’ picky plate-style meals, our Bento-inspired divided plates are loved by kids of all sizes and ages. 

Available in six classic colourways with compatible plant-based utensils for those who love a matchy-matchy moment, they’re also perfect for little Boos who want all the fun of the schoolyard Bento-lunchbox craze at home. 

(And let's be honest; if it means they'll eat their veggies without a fight, we'll serve their meals on whatever they want.)  


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