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Aussie Made tees from Organic Cotton Knit. Buttery soft and stretchy made for 100% comfort and style. Printed in Melbourne Australia (koala & eucalyptus) Aussie Mash up is Cotton Lycra  

Please remember every item is PROUDLY hand cut, hand sewn and made by me. There will be different pattern placement, stitching & uniqueness to every item. 

When our youngest was a baby I came across all these beautiful outfits that I would purchase and then she'd never wear because they weren't made for comfort or play.... they wouldn't stretch, they'd pucker up, the ties were in the wrong spot for car rides so I have always wanted to create high quality kids clothing that not only was stylish but 100% comfortable for everyday needs. True to size. 

Love and Light to you all!

These are VERY true to size and have a lot of give in them. 

Ava is wearing size 5 & mainly wears size 5-6 in other clothes.