Alan - Go Grey in May Day 19

Alan - Go Grey in May Day 19

Each day in conjunction with Go Grey for May, I’m sharing incredible stories of our community of Brain Cancer Warriors. Buy a T shirt, Beanie or wear an old grey t shirt to support the movement around Brain Cancer. 

My late husbands name is Alan Depp. He was 46 when he passed. He passed away 2/17/15. His tumors were in the right frontal lobe. Alan was diagnosed with GBM on January 15, 2014. He fought for 13 months before GMB took his life. We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary 5 weeks before he passed. We had two sons between the two of us. Tyler is Alan's son and Ryan is mine but Alan loved both boys more than life. Alan had a "larger than life" personality. He was funny, witty, compassionate, hard working and his family was his life. He first started having problems on December 7, 2013. I will never forget that day. He was on his way home from helping a friend with his racebike. He called me and told me he had a migraine and he thought I might need to come get him. He made it home but the migraine lasted for 4.5 weeks when he became very delirious, had spent the majority of the previous month in bed and could not function at all. I took him to the ER on January 9th, 2015 and shortly after midnight on the 10th we were told nonchalantly that he had a "mass on his brain". We were led to believe that he would have surgery and all would be good. Well... little did we know 5 days later we would be told that he had terminal brain cancer. Our lives were never the same. Many surgeries later along with meningitis, c-diff, blood clots in his lungs, infection in his brain and the bone flap he was sent home on hospice. The last 6 weeks of his life was spent at home. about 3 weeks of those 6 he was as cognitive as he could be after having multiple brain surgeries. The last 3 weeks were just a waiting game. The beginning of week 5 I was told by our hospice nurse that I needed to be home. I took care of him while he drifted away. The final day of his life is one I will never forget. I stayed by his side all day long. We had some family and staff from our church in and out of our house throughout the day. He waited until the family that was here was all busy and it was just he and I. I was talking to him. I was convined he could hear me. I told him that it was finally just the two of us. That that was how we started and we were finally alone once again. I told him we would be ok and that he did not have to hang on any longer. I told him I loved him and as I finished saying the words he took his last breath. GBM forever changed our lives. It taught me so very much. Not just about cancer but about taking things for granted. Tomorrow is Alan's birthday. I find it a little ironic that I received your message today. I still celebrate our anniversary, his birthday and his passing day. I have started making sure that my "dash" matters. RIP Alan Depp 05/13/1967-02/17/2015
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A really great guy to work with too. RIP Alan. Jana you are amazing.


That man was the best adoptive father/Uncle a girl could ask for!!! Love this!!!!

Jessica Galloway

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